EU Seventh Framework Programme, Initial Training Networks
Marine nanobiotechnology: Manganese oxide-containing core-shell materials
formed by proteins from marine organisms for biomedical and environmental applications
Contract no.: 286059

The objectives of this project are:

The specific objectives are:

  1. To produce enzymatically active Mn(II)-oxidizing protein (bacterial multicopper oxidase and sponge laccase).
  2. To immobilize the Mn(II)-oxidizing enzyme on magnetic iron oxide nano- particles to enzymatically fabricate MnO2-containing core-shell materials.
  3. To use the immobilized Mn(II)-oxidizing enzyme in combination with recombinant silicatein and/or silintaphin-1 to generate magnetic iron oxide core-shell nanoparticles containing alternating layers of multiple metal oxides.
  4. To apply the magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles containing the immobilized Mn(II)-oxidizing enzyme for enrichment of manganese from manganese poor solutions and scavenging heavy metals.
  5. To develop a novel filtration device based on coccolith-mediated oxidation of Mn(II) for remediation of seawater containing increased manganese levels following algal blooms.
  6. To use the MnO2-containing core-shell nanoparticles as drug carriers for potential applications in nanomedicine, and for antifouling applications.